Monday, 2 May 2011

Rainbows Lyrics

                our voice rise in the shadows, a spark
emanating out of darkness, light is the ammo, a
full spectral projection in rap tone, a rapturous
reverberation resonate your backbone,

                it's happening we isn't chatting jokes, we passin'
through the wasteland, man are looking for the antidote,
                penicillin for the soul's what we're bringing from the
mould, got a whole load of lead but it's turning into

gold, rushin' in it like a soviet, looking for the
fortune cookie gonna open it, targeting
locked like a lazer gun, focussing,             because ya
 life can be bitter like an aubergine,  i wanna

biscuit and some ovaltine, please be aware of symbolism
in the flow and speech, metaphor and poetry, is
radiantly glowing like a solar beam, streamin' in the
window of your mind, we’re linking with the rhymes the

images of the times, applying it to the hi hat,
kick, snare, ride that on pirated software
forget about your i pads, sparks flying through the 
synapses, ignite like a match stick,  fire running

through the factory, every soul getting touched by it,
putting rhymin’ into your stomach’s a good diet, digest
the lines,             the fibres’ll leave you energised,
light speed ahead of rest, call us the enterprise.

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