Thursday, 7 October 2010

07.10.10 - Big business

Cons of..... 

Food shopping with big businesses:

Huge amounts of rubbish created from waste packaging. Think about all the packaging, plastic and other synthetic stuff that ends up coming out of our (and businesses) bins and being buried, inevitably causing big problems for the environment somewhere down the line. 
Ok, here's an effective way to think about it: think about how nasty your bin is before it gets collected; the smells, the juices, the chemicals etc.... That goes in to the ground....... On which, one day, our relatives might have to live, to suffer the consequences of poisoned drinking water, unstable earth that could cause a building to collapse, seeping hazardous gases and mutant rats that grow to the size of double decker buses. Plus, it is a nuisance for us to have to empty the bin as frequently as we do, especially when it's cold and raining outside and you've not got any shoes on. There's also the additional risks of getting bin juice on your trousers - probably the worst. 

check this out:

Putting a tiny bit more effort into sourcing your food can prevent all of these nasty things.

Here's the alternatives and some benefits:

Food shopping at independent places:

- It is a different and altogether much more fulfilling experience than the monotonous drudgery of walking up and down the lifeless isles  of the corporate product chambers, where nobody wants to be, where every employee hates their job and their employer and everybody hates everybody else, simply because everybody hates the shop their forced to go and the whole process their forced to endure; when you're there, it's only natural to turn to your product slave subordinate counterpart and lash out viscously in a fit of trolly rage.
          I digress; this doesn't occur in your local, friendly green grocers or marketplace. People are generally sincerely polite, the products are usually of a higher quality, you may well learn something about a different culture, have a conversation, improve a recipe, try a completely new product that you'd never even considered using before, and the environments are much more mentally stimulating and interesting - envision a bustling saturday morning market. 
          So, to summarise, socially speaking, NOT shopping with huge corporations is a much more healthy and enjoyable social experience.

- Food is usually grown locally, supporting small growing businesses and individuals, as opposed to giant, community crushing corporations and their big wig, fat salaried executives, who get paid more to handle money - which you can't eat.

- Buying food from independent retailers helps provide for the families or people running the organisation, which is a great service provided enabling power and independence to be kept within communities.