Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nice 'n' digestable story of the Corporate Challenge of Climate Change


Economic super powers do not want to compromise profit and thus will do bare minimum to reduce emissions, as that effort may effect the capital gain of countries and companies and their respective administration and executives. So that means.... leaders of the biggest companies in the world, politicians, who represent the interests of the leaders of non-political companies (not the poor people) don't want to loose any money - so they will use every trick they can think of to do as little as possible, including things like blaming other countries to draw attention from the absolute facts that the super powers are doing as little as possible to tackle climate change, and saying lots of reassuring things to cameras that sound very honerable to convince us that they are ACTUALLY doing something different. All of these things are diversionary tactics. We will reiterate: the are actually doing as little as possible. You see, the leaders of these companies enjoy their FAT SALARIES and indulgant IGNORANT LIFESTYLES far too much, and their salaries and lifestyles depend on these profits, so of course, they want to keep them. Meaning that where ever possible, there will be cuts to the already poverty stricken employees wages, redundancies - leaving people jobless and really screwed over, cuts in public/employees funding and services and many more schemes devised to take money from the poor, after all; the poor are quite happy with being treated like dogs, aren't we? And while all this money juggling is happening, the OBVIOUS BASTARD SOLUTION of not giving the wealthy quite as much wealth as they would usually get - just for a bit - is completely overlooked, because they think the public expects to be treated like filth, and the rich are doing their very best to keep real solutions from the domain of the public.

So then, that is just a veeeeeery brief attempt at a summary of the whole climate justice vs. capitalism scenario, but you can trust that what's being said isn't public relations mind bending manipulation. All you have to do is scratch beneath the surface to find this stuff out in plain face slapping English. So get your thinking caps on, do your homework, and join the growing social and climate justice movements in ammending this and all of the problems we face in our society!

Good online article and video by the Guardian:

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Free Gaza and the Palestinian people

Here is a small compilation of video clips documenting the united Free Palestine movements protesting against the seige on Gaza by the state of Israel:

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A beautiful song for Christmas

Dealmaker Records presents a contemporary remix of one of our all time favourite Christmas Carols. Press play and have a sing along!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Important words 01

Discourse - is the written or spoken study or investigation of a subject.
Dialectic - is finding the truth of a subject from multiple points of view.

These two concepts should hopefully form part of the basis of our learning. Now... I am by no means prolific in vocabulary or linguistics, so if anyone feels that they would like to suppliment or correct any definition or use of language they see, let us engage in dialectic and reach the truth for all of our benefit :)