Thursday, 19 March 2015

19.03.15 - Refresh

Boots on, socks up, big doors, unlocked, I'm
seeing through the cracks, the years pass, seem like I
never knew the facts, boat rockin' scenery's a
beautiful detachment from livin' in the past.

Standing on your own two, a little bit of mass, adding
weight to the world, grateful I ain't just,
        making it fat, as a resource calorie,
pounded and spat in my grave when I collapse. I'm a

        man on a quest, shed a few years now I'm
        taking 'em back, shed a few tears, it's
been a rough track, and the vehicle's ragged,
pain doesn't last.      It isn't life if it

breaking your back,  Monday returning the
same as the last,      the same journey,
same very early, I'm saying this version's a
pain in the -----, getting paid but,

majorly taxed,        with no haven a
slave of the cash      no payment? your
place gettin' jacked, going over time,     at
home tired out no time for the fam'

       Back to the start, depart from scratch, into
the dark got a spark in the hand,
       looking for more than an overdraft, mornings with
no overhang, alone time with no going mad

        I'm angry that I wasn't taught that.    
Sunshine, clear skies wasn't in the forecast.
What's the point if it's nothing but a warpath,
normality isn't always what it's taught asYe

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18.05.11 - Wild

fight back against conquest like a saracen,
man are tryna captcher your mind, and might damage it,
            and transforming your life into tragedy,
trapped by your vice, no time for your family

slide by happily, influence inhabbited, a
rabble tied into a grave, i aint havin' aint it,
            we wanna let shit fly like a laxative,
wish i could irrigate head sets of vanity, sexism

and apathy, anger and vex,        i
regret where the best once was is a cavity,
            i'm on attack, yeah, we sent in the cavalry,
grab a good grip of your being, see sanity.

            myself, can b and allergy, straight
on the button now and no need for analogies,
speak right, vibe reaching out to your faculties,
bring ya right down to the earth, reverse fantasy.


world's like a nature reserve, the wilderness,
            no grip and the worse parts, filled with it, a
game hunt,  let the ill citizen tape run, the
statements and the mission sittin' adjacent, the

way that we're living is shameful, and we throwing
filth in the world, straight into the cradle, a
good verse sinister thing like fable, a
degradation of innocence, rotation, 

gotta have it all or nothing, no waiting,
don't wanna bother with growing, go raving,
know that the way that we live is the basis,
of pain felt, oh well, ya don't wanna change it, i

call that sadist habit,     and satan's
planet, haven't got a care, wake up dammit, some
parts of the globe where there aint no laughin', cus of
our loose grip, hah ya shit's ragged.

Friday, 13 May 2011

13.05.11 - Illest Alive


Travelling through the land as a vagrant,
cards on the table, no home for the flows
universally favourite, the first class flavours,
stick to a soul like the dirt on your trainers,

words in the paper, are brainwarpin’, ill
citizen are sticking in the same orbit, saying
hard hitting truths everyday that we walk with,
sending out words world wide, deported, a

poor thought pattern has a caustic effect, trembling
the floor under, you can fall to your death, getting
on good path, do more, talk less, irrelevant
crap, mentality is all bless, pulling

words out the vortex, learn from the forefathers,
building more discipline, than a court marshal,
can’t stand if you talk garbage, running
lip and bring carnage,    ill citizen bring the

goods in the tardis, got the advantage, inherited
artefacts           from Atlantis, a
gargantuan rapper faction, shaking up the
foundation and tabernacle of the phantoms,

searchin’ for answers, nobody’s got jack,
what’s happening is gonna change and it’s on track,
we drop bars like a bomb blast, compliment
beats like an ice cube dropped in your cognac,

i’m wide awake like an insomniac, would
procrastinate more but we really gotta dash, carrying
an obelisk of rap,         towering and visible
in every single               one of the flipping tracks, interact

good, with a drum beat, putting teams on the
back foot, for pulling the game down in handcuffs,
i double l stand up, synchronised never
random,            we three the people’s champion’s

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10.05.11 - The Platform

the thoughts processin' mega quick, super
computer, doing work at the precipice, elements
are buildin up and make a sediment, immune to the
chemicals, rockin' thick skin like an elephant, i

remember good times are stuck in my memory,
me being higher than everest, used to write
rhymes for the hell of it, and strive for the sedatives
now the i double L supplying the medicine, and

still reppin',  confident dispite everything,
got the right energy, locked, shock therapy,
  the doctrine has got the continents trembling, the
authorities have got the populus delicate,

snap like a terrapin, as bad as it's ever been,
in the rat race, man'll never win, slipping up
with a slack jaw stuffin' face full of ketamine,
mdma drink drugs and andrenaline, i

wanna switch episodes, going on sick like,
mos def said it get a hardhat jack you're in the
terrordome, i'm spraying hip-hop pheromones,
make a crowd light headed, like there was methodrone,

running through the mic, vibe off the setlist, pushing
verse off the stage, so sick got a deathwish,
everyday people's developement arrested,
hands on the chest ill citizen are compressin'

bringing it back, it's rap we adept in, gota
beat in a bap, d'you mind passin' the ketchup, we
fire in the booth like lighter and petrol, found
us a direction and write with a veangence,

with every sentence, quote and  the references
draw the crowd in and quick pour through the entrance, a
fugee style we could go till november, the
flows bringing flame from the moderate embers

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bee - Latest News


I throw
verse like projectile into the cosmos and
permeate eardrums, lyrical osmosis, with
composers and elements gone rogue we
hold our ground in a stronghold, the supply

chain take deliveries on road, rappers
borrowing the style like it was on loan, and
recycling is coming by in the truck load, the
love grows, when it's as heavy as I'll citizen it just shows,

bust flows like a broke pipe most guys
going on dryer than the socks on your clothesline,
embaressin' us like a low fly, why you so
trapped in the mainstream it's crazy i wont lie.

It's psychological warfare and mind torture,
never mind what the taught ya: to cause
beef and be a slave chasin' the lions portion, they
draining us all like a vampire - night walker.

A transfusion of life to the soul grinder,
I might sound like an old timer, but I'm
trying to make sense to you all and talk violence and
all the hate out the cause with raw rhyming.

Flying in the face of the law more defiant but
more so the statues drawing your finance.
Lines getting washed out 'cus of chalk writing, we're
scrawling in permanent ink, surviving

Rainbows Lyrics

                our voice rise in the shadows, a spark
emanating out of darkness, light is the ammo, a
full spectral projection in rap tone, a rapturous
reverberation resonate your backbone,

                it's happening we isn't chatting jokes, we passin'
through the wasteland, man are looking for the antidote,
                penicillin for the soul's what we're bringing from the
mould, got a whole load of lead but it's turning into

gold, rushin' in it like a soviet, looking for the
fortune cookie gonna open it, targeting
locked like a lazer gun, focussing,             because ya
 life can be bitter like an aubergine,  i wanna

biscuit and some ovaltine, please be aware of symbolism
in the flow and speech, metaphor and poetry, is
radiantly glowing like a solar beam, streamin' in the
window of your mind, we’re linking with the rhymes the

images of the times, applying it to the hi hat,
kick, snare, ride that on pirated software
forget about your i pads, sparks flying through the 
synapses, ignite like a match stick,  fire running

through the factory, every soul getting touched by it,
putting rhymin’ into your stomach’s a good diet, digest
the lines,             the fibres’ll leave you energised,
light speed ahead of rest, call us the enterprise.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

07.10.10 - Big business

Cons of..... 

Food shopping with big businesses:

Huge amounts of rubbish created from waste packaging. Think about all the packaging, plastic and other synthetic stuff that ends up coming out of our (and businesses) bins and being buried, inevitably causing big problems for the environment somewhere down the line. 
Ok, here's an effective way to think about it: think about how nasty your bin is before it gets collected; the smells, the juices, the chemicals etc.... That goes in to the ground....... On which, one day, our relatives might have to live, to suffer the consequences of poisoned drinking water, unstable earth that could cause a building to collapse, seeping hazardous gases and mutant rats that grow to the size of double decker buses. Plus, it is a nuisance for us to have to empty the bin as frequently as we do, especially when it's cold and raining outside and you've not got any shoes on. There's also the additional risks of getting bin juice on your trousers - probably the worst. 

check this out:

Putting a tiny bit more effort into sourcing your food can prevent all of these nasty things.

Here's the alternatives and some benefits:

Food shopping at independent places:

- It is a different and altogether much more fulfilling experience than the monotonous drudgery of walking up and down the lifeless isles  of the corporate product chambers, where nobody wants to be, where every employee hates their job and their employer and everybody hates everybody else, simply because everybody hates the shop their forced to go and the whole process their forced to endure; when you're there, it's only natural to turn to your product slave subordinate counterpart and lash out viscously in a fit of trolly rage.
          I digress; this doesn't occur in your local, friendly green grocers or marketplace. People are generally sincerely polite, the products are usually of a higher quality, you may well learn something about a different culture, have a conversation, improve a recipe, try a completely new product that you'd never even considered using before, and the environments are much more mentally stimulating and interesting - envision a bustling saturday morning market. 
          So, to summarise, socially speaking, NOT shopping with huge corporations is a much more healthy and enjoyable social experience.

- Food is usually grown locally, supporting small growing businesses and individuals, as opposed to giant, community crushing corporations and their big wig, fat salaried executives, who get paid more to handle money - which you can't eat.

- Buying food from independent retailers helps provide for the families or people running the organisation, which is a great service provided enabling power and independence to be kept within communities.