Monday, 2 May 2011

Bee - Latest News


I throw
verse like projectile into the cosmos and
permeate eardrums, lyrical osmosis, with
composers and elements gone rogue we
hold our ground in a stronghold, the supply

chain take deliveries on road, rappers
borrowing the style like it was on loan, and
recycling is coming by in the truck load, the
love grows, when it's as heavy as I'll citizen it just shows,

bust flows like a broke pipe most guys
going on dryer than the socks on your clothesline,
embaressin' us like a low fly, why you so
trapped in the mainstream it's crazy i wont lie.

It's psychological warfare and mind torture,
never mind what the taught ya: to cause
beef and be a slave chasin' the lions portion, they
draining us all like a vampire - night walker.

A transfusion of life to the soul grinder,
I might sound like an old timer, but I'm
trying to make sense to you all and talk violence and
all the hate out the cause with raw rhyming.

Flying in the face of the law more defiant but
more so the statues drawing your finance.
Lines getting washed out 'cus of chalk writing, we're
scrawling in permanent ink, surviving

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