Friday, 13 May 2011

13.05.11 - Illest Alive


Travelling through the land as a vagrant,
cards on the table, no home for the flows
universally favourite, the first class flavours,
stick to a soul like the dirt on your trainers,

words in the paper, are brainwarpin’, ill
citizen are sticking in the same orbit, saying
hard hitting truths everyday that we walk with,
sending out words world wide, deported, a

poor thought pattern has a caustic effect, trembling
the floor under, you can fall to your death, getting
on good path, do more, talk less, irrelevant
crap, mentality is all bless, pulling

words out the vortex, learn from the forefathers,
building more discipline, than a court marshal,
can’t stand if you talk garbage, running
lip and bring carnage,    ill citizen bring the

goods in the tardis, got the advantage, inherited
artefacts           from Atlantis, a
gargantuan rapper faction, shaking up the
foundation and tabernacle of the phantoms,

searchin’ for answers, nobody’s got jack,
what’s happening is gonna change and it’s on track,
we drop bars like a bomb blast, compliment
beats like an ice cube dropped in your cognac,

i’m wide awake like an insomniac, would
procrastinate more but we really gotta dash, carrying
an obelisk of rap,         towering and visible
in every single               one of the flipping tracks, interact

good, with a drum beat, putting teams on the
back foot, for pulling the game down in handcuffs,
i double l stand up, synchronised never
random,            we three the people’s champion’s

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