Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18.05.11 - Wild

fight back against conquest like a saracen,
man are tryna captcher your mind, and might damage it,
            and transforming your life into tragedy,
trapped by your vice, no time for your family

slide by happily, influence inhabbited, a
rabble tied into a grave, i aint havin' aint it,
            we wanna let shit fly like a laxative,
wish i could irrigate head sets of vanity, sexism

and apathy, anger and vex,        i
regret where the best once was is a cavity,
            i'm on attack, yeah, we sent in the cavalry,
grab a good grip of your being, see sanity.

            myself, can b and allergy, straight
on the button now and no need for analogies,
speak right, vibe reaching out to your faculties,
bring ya right down to the earth, reverse fantasy.


world's like a nature reserve, the wilderness,
            no grip and the worse parts, filled with it, a
game hunt,  let the ill citizen tape run, the
statements and the mission sittin' adjacent, the

way that we're living is shameful, and we throwing
filth in the world, straight into the cradle, a
good verse sinister thing like fable, a
degradation of innocence, rotation, 

gotta have it all or nothing, no waiting,
don't wanna bother with growing, go raving,
know that the way that we live is the basis,
of pain felt, oh well, ya don't wanna change it, i

call that sadist habit,     and satan's
planet, haven't got a care, wake up dammit, some
parts of the globe where there aint no laughin', cus of
our loose grip, hah ya shit's ragged.

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