Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10.05.11 - The Platform

the thoughts processin' mega quick, super
computer, doing work at the precipice, elements
are buildin up and make a sediment, immune to the
chemicals, rockin' thick skin like an elephant, i

remember good times are stuck in my memory,
me being higher than everest, used to write
rhymes for the hell of it, and strive for the sedatives
now the i double L supplying the medicine, and

still reppin',  confident dispite everything,
got the right energy, locked, shock therapy,
  the doctrine has got the continents trembling, the
authorities have got the populus delicate,

snap like a terrapin, as bad as it's ever been,
in the rat race, man'll never win, slipping up
with a slack jaw stuffin' face full of ketamine,
mdma drink drugs and andrenaline, i

wanna switch episodes, going on sick like,
mos def said it get a hardhat jack you're in the
terrordome, i'm spraying hip-hop pheromones,
make a crowd light headed, like there was methodrone,

running through the mic, vibe off the setlist, pushing
verse off the stage, so sick got a deathwish,
everyday people's developement arrested,
hands on the chest ill citizen are compressin'

bringing it back, it's rap we adept in, gota
beat in a bap, d'you mind passin' the ketchup, we
fire in the booth like lighter and petrol, found
us a direction and write with a veangence,

with every sentence, quote and  the references
draw the crowd in and quick pour through the entrance, a
fugee style we could go till november, the
flows bringing flame from the moderate embers

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