Thursday, 19 March 2015

19.03.15 - Refresh

Boots on, socks up, big doors, unlocked, I'm
seeing through the cracks, the years pass, seem like I
never knew the facts, boat rockin' scenery's a
beautiful detachment from livin' in the past.

Standing on your own two, a little bit of mass, adding
weight to the world, grateful I ain't just,
        making it fat, as a resource calorie,
pounded and spat in my grave when I collapse. I'm a

        man on a quest, shed a few years now I'm
        taking 'em back, shed a few tears, it's
been a rough track, and the vehicle's ragged,
pain doesn't last.      It isn't life if it

breaking your back,  Monday returning the
same as the last,      the same journey,
same very early, I'm saying this version's a
pain in the -----, getting paid but,

majorly taxed,        with no haven a
slave of the cash      no payment? your
place gettin' jacked, going over time,     at
home tired out no time for the fam'

       Back to the start, depart from scratch, into
the dark got a spark in the hand,
       looking for more than an overdraft, mornings with
no overhang, alone time with no going mad

        I'm angry that I wasn't taught that.    
Sunshine, clear skies wasn't in the forecast.
What's the point if it's nothing but a warpath,
normality isn't always what it's taught asYe