Thursday, 28 January 2010

[iLL] Citizens Advice: iLL Citizen - Cycle lyrics - Get ORGANISED!!

Jed:           When shit's messed up
Guy:          the best thing is to organise,
Gra:           if you don't try
Jed:          then you might just fall behind,
Guy:          with no direction,
Gra:          then you've got no agenda,
Jed:          these are the reasons,
Jed & Guy: we need to remember

Gra:          When shit's messed up
Jed:          the best thing is to organise,
Guy:          if you don't try
Gra:           then you might just fall behind,
Jed:             with no direction,
Guy:          then you've got no agenda,
Gra:           these are the reasons,
Jed & Guy: we need to remember

so when I get upon a track, one third of that, it breaks my back, the journey to the stage from the rap,
it takes alot of pulling weight and organized chat, in the face of a flakey world that talks crap,
bring it on now ill take it, can scribble on my straight line but im still gonna make it,
in an orderly fashion, nothing will ever happen around you unless you rub shoulders with passion,
let me translate, a studio sess with no regreting, now my plans set in, ... motion my toes tapping,
Suppose that is a side effect im organic, my words painting a picture of people as they plan it,

from the
pressures of lifetime there's no hidin,
points coming at you straight as the crow flying,
if you're in a mess then i bet you wont like it, you
need organisation, so go try it, you

don't need to be a genius or a psychic, to
find fire burns best, when you ignite it,
    so get a spark flying in your mind, find it
and write it down quick time, we're in a crisis,

you need to fix up and stop being fine with the
state of affairs that's not really righteous,
      how'd you get to that place in your life, where you're
waiting to die and you don't really mind it, ya

blind with the inner politics and the fighting,
    the motivationless egos are frightening,
why have you not quite grown sick n tired of 
retiring you mind of your vital assignments

adapt to my habitat
analyse management
if i aint satisfied i meet with my cabinet
stand for the matter keep my fam and my plans tight
raise my head to giraffe height
scan the horizon
believe your eyes I double L arriving the grand uprising
we strategise, formulate,
file and coordinate
organising forces to augment, orchestrate
change in our own age
homemade movements or global cause it goes both ways
on a world stage
or on a local basis maintaining chaos means no change
manaman can b battleplan
till the day the average man
overthrow the capitan
what we teach longer reach than orangutan
sure to make the cause snowball like an avalanche

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