Friday, 15 January 2010

6,000,000 plus another 900! Workers hit with a Bosch!!!

Somehow, through the grapevine, we hear the news that economies are beginning to recover from the recession. Nobody knows how, but it's happening, we're on the ascent! All of a sudden, to people across the world, what is happening is becoming abundantly clear: the rich are getting richer with healthy salaries being supplemented by yummy bonuses refined from the souls of their impoverished minions; and the poor get even poorer, suffering the effects of companies "tightening their belts" and draining the lifeblood from the lower halves of their organisations.

Cuts to benefits, services and pensions for employees can be felt nationwide, cuts in funding for education, the social system, public transport are being implimented by central and local governments alike, and redundancies are hitting employees nationally and internationally. The kick in the face about this whole arrangement is that the people that ACTUALLY run the country i.e. clean the toilets, make the toasters, collect the revenue, provide the services - are being made jobless and made to suffer, while the executives and fat cats continue completely unaffected in salaries and privileges, for doing an extremely bad job. Is this really fair?

What is completely MAD about this is people thinking that this is just what happens; that being messed about by 'authority' is something that we can't change and something that happens for the benefit of us all. WRONG! They make it sound reasonable - but it's not. They make it sound like it's for the good of everyone and the country and the economy - but it's not. They make out like you will be ok - but chances are that you wont. People are loosing their jobs and being made to suffer because we think it's for the benefit of us all - well it isn't.

The answer is simple: We are equal, and should not be made to suffer for the sake of the bosses incompetence, and we should no longer fuel a system that is driven by inequality. This system survives because people do not object and realise their worth; so realise it! We must stand with our colleagues, unite with our unions, follow the movements of the fight for jobs nationally and internationally, become part of the fight, demand our rights, demand others demand their rights, forward an e-mail, attend a conference, hold a conference and do whatever we can to work with one another to make sure we are all treated fairly and can live, breath, eat, sleep and think in comfort as our entitlement as living beings.

The situation with Bosch should hopefully see a huge mobilisation of people demanding their rights be met. The upcoming "Right To Work" Conference being held in Manchester on the 30th of January should help inspire that action, and inspire similar actions across the nation. It is down to us all as the driving force of civilisation to realise this, and demand due compensation for our commitments.

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